IV Vitamins

What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

Every day, your body is subjected to dangerous toxins that can lower your resistance and contribute to illness. If you’re battling a chronic disease, the threat is even more real, and you have to be that much more careful with your health. To boost your immune system and help your body heal itself naturally, IV …

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Is IV therapy safe?

In today’s fast-paced world, you need a boost from time to time to get moving despite the drain these endless tasks cost your body. For instance, there are “Rent a Drip” lounges that provide IV therapy in every country. If you are suffering from jetlag but have to continue with your journey, the IV therapy …

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What Is IV Fluid Used For?

There are many functions performed by IV fluid during infusion of vitamins and minerals to the body. Naturally, it is used as a means to ensure that the infused nutrients go directly to the blood, helping the patient regain strength if they suffer a lifestyle-related issue. Considering the variety of fluids available, their functions and …

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