Revive IV Therapy

Revive IV Hydration & Vitamin Therapies

IV Cocktails

We offer 20 specially formulated IV Infusions for all your health needs. Our Infusions are administered by a certified nurse and are isotonic, osmolar, magnetized, alkaline, manufactured in the USA and independently tested. We also offer tailor made IV bags formulated from our extensive lab work we do in house.

All Revive IV Hydration Therapies include the following:

Revive Signature IV

This signature formula has you covered from all angles and is our most popular.

Detox IV
Extreme Detox IV
Fat Loss IV
Extreme Fat Loss IV
Hydration IV
Anti-Aging IV
Athlete Prep IV
Immune Defense IV
Surgery Recovery
Energy Recharge IV
Sleep IV
Weekly Vitamin IV
Calm IV
Brain RX IV
Chelation IV
Party Prep IV
Hangover Rescue IV
Mineral IV
Healthy Pregnancy IV
PMS Cure

Get started today and feel better!

Boosters & Shots

B12 Booster
Super Skinny Booster
Detox Booster
Immune Boost IV
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